Kockum Sonics Railway Horns

BROT TECHNOLOGIES is the exclusive French distributor of Kockum Sonics

Sirens for railway vehicles of all types

The strong growth in passenger and freight rail transport will continue in the future. This is why safety and reliability are becoming increasingly important in the world of rail vehicles.

Passenger and freight vehicles have to meet high safety requirements and strict standards. Therefore, each rail vehicle is equipped with an alert system to warn by means of acoustic signals in case of emergency and dangerous situations.

Die TYFON® sirens, known all over the world, have been around since 1920. Since then, they have been used as train, subway and tramway sirens and are part of a long tradition.
TYFON® stands for high performance and quality under extreme conditions.

In some areas, sub-zero temperatures are not uncommon in winter and the thermometer can drop to -40°C. Even in these extreme weather conditions, the TYFON® sound generator works perfectly thanks to a unique integrated heating function. Snow and ice cannot affect the function. Airflow and resonance are preserved at all times.

Our rail vehicle sirens meet the highest standards and requirements for railway technology. In terms of auditory signalling, they exceed the UIC parameters IEC 61373, EN 45545-2 and EN 50155. In addition, they are certified according to TSI LOC & PAS and EN 15153-2.