Rail brushing

Cleaning the rail/wheel contact

Pollution from rail/wheel contact can cause major disruptions to urban and rail networks.
Based on this observation, Brot-Technologies has developed wire brushing solutions adapted to all types of machines and networks.

Rail brushing

The brushing of the rail and/or the wheel allows to find an optimal contact instantly, in case of pollution by plants or ice.
Brushing can be controlled manually by the driver or automated by GPS positioning and mapping.


Remove external residue from the tread

Regular brushing eliminates leaf, sand and ice deposits and therefore helps to improve the safety of the network.


Avoiding the need for special equipment to be used from time to time

The networks that have equipped part of their commercial trains with our equipment no longer require special equipment, even at the height of the leaf plan.


Reduce sand consumption

Regular and targeted brushing of the rails reduces sand consumption as well as the wear and tear of the wheels (flats).

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Implementation on tramway

Assembly on railway equipment

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